Sampson Barrell Chair H3813-22 Cowley Lounge Chair H3917-22 Wrapped Desk B5101 Wrapped Game Table B5109 Barten Extended Sofa B9014-1 Van Buren Sofa B6110-1 H3919-22 Brent Button Top Bench B902-48
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Beautiful furniture is the foundation for any interior setting. Our Kravet Furniture collection represents the timeless style and quality that is our signature. We offer customizable upholstered pieces for every room in the house, from upholstered beds to mahogany dining tables and everything in between.

Paired with our vast selection of Kravet fabrics, these pieces are meant to last a lifetime, with an eye towards sustainability and responsible manufacturing process. Our wood is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council and our springs and coils are made from recycled metals. We offer many options for cushions, including soy-based products for reduced petroleum usage.

Mannerist is a modern collection featuring sleek exposed frame chairs and bar stools, as well as Lucite and chrome occasional and side tables offered with a variety of stone and dyed wood tabletops. These accent pieces offer versatility and the opportunity for endless finishes and materials to create your own statement in any room. Search this collection »

Kravet Upholstery Furniture


Kravet offers a full range of upholstered pieces in various sizes and styles to meet your needs... Learn More »
Kravet Occasionals Furniture


The Kravet Occasionals collection provides gorgeous accent pieces for your décor... Learn More »
Kravet Dining Furniture


Kravet Dining is a collection of fully customizable tables, chairs, banquettes, benches... Learn More »
Kravet Smart Furniture


Kravet Smart furniture includes sofas, chairs, sectionals, sleepers, settees, upholstered beds... Learn More »
Ready to Ship


The Ready To Ship upholstery program is our innovative solution for your time sensitive design needs... Learn More »